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Kind Words

"My time that I spent with Jo, Charity and Nadia was nothing short of amazing. They were very informative, reliable, personal, and all around great genuine people...The vibe and atmosphere was unmatched. I had complete control over how I wanted to birth. They even asked my husband if he wanted to catch the baby. That was super cool to me...Although this was my third child I felt so much more knowledgeable about birth as a whole. I felt so different leaving the suite vs the hospital. I’ve continued to receive care from my midwife and doulas which includes house visits and just being able to reach them at all times is super comforting. I struggled severely with breastfeeding & they stuck by me and coached me through it and now baby ivy is flourishing while being exclusively breastfed. I also took advantage of a service that Charity provides which is placenta encapsulation. She did an amazing job and even went the extra mile to turn them into some beautiful edible chocolate lotus flowers. After all of this the only thing my husband could say is we’re never going back to the hospital."

-G. R.


"So glad I had my doula Charity Moore."

-J. B.



"...anyone searching for good honest advice please consult Charity Moore! She is the best I've ever seen. She has a genuine love and care for black mothers and babies. Fertility issues, doula services and soon to be midwife! Of course her services aren't free but she will help you in any way she can! Her heart is all in it! I've come across some that act "Hollywood" and have you on some waiting list while they only tend to the popular people but NOT CHARITY! I fully support everything she is about. She is transparent and will tell you things doctors won't! Her goal and purpose is to make us healthy and bring healthy babies into this crazy world. I love you for EVERYTHING you have done for me. Your work doesn't go unnoticed. You are truly a Godsend. This world needs you! And more like you. Ladies...mothers....she is everything and more!​"

"My doula was Charity Moore

and although they wouldn’t allow her to be there (COVID), she was on the phone every step of the way... I am thankful everyday for

Charity Moore because she answered every question and was there for me throughout the entire process. Doulas are so very important. I’m still dealing with the aftermath of everything but my doula is the (GOAT)."


"Charity Moore girl I see you and all the work you are doing for women who are mothers and not even stopping their but for fathers too... I have watched the issues that affected you MOTIVATE YOU TO ENUSRE IT DIDN’T HAPPEN TO ANYONE ELSE WITH AN EMPHASIS ON BLACK WOMAN!!!! You my love have been fighting for 4 years and have made a mark on breastfeeding, birthing rights and more to ensure that child and parent are taken care of. My Queen Doula and Future World Ruler Midwife I’m ROOTING FOR YOU!!!!!"

-C. H.


"My doula was EVERYTHING!! I tell people all the time, Had it not been for her I would have been induced the next morning and put on pitocin which was Strictly out of the birth plan, yet still suggested as an option by my midwife which was a little upsetting because that wasn’t part of the birth plan nor necessary at the time. She’d suggested to try natural overnight and if baby wasn’t out by morning we would consider induction. My water had broke at the hospital on my due date and a few hours later my contractions had actually stopped. My doula came in put me in the hot tub to relax me and when I got out, it was go time! She’d set up exercise stations in the labor room, we rotated out (light exercises ) the whole time I’m thinking to myself, “this ain’t gone work, I can do these exercises all day.” BAM! Contractions! MY DOULA HAD My BABY OUT OF ME At 4:02 am! I labored In Different positions, she attended to my every need. The hospital nurses were awesome, but they took a backseat when it came to my doula, SHE PUT IN THAT WORK HUNNY! What seemed like a small role or small activities were soooo vital!"



"So, so, so thrilled to have Charity’s support during this journey. She’s so amazing already. If you’re looking for pregnancy/birth support from a knowledgeable human who has been there, done that, and studied to show herself approved, please, please, please check out Charity and all she has to offer."

-T. B.

"Amazing provider that every woman deserves!"

-J. M.

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